Lash Lift & Brow Lamination

Lift Your Lashes & Laminate Your Brows

While we focus primarily on skin care at Concierge Cosmetics & Aesthetics, our aestheticians are no strangers to working with lashes and brows!

Treatment Information

Lash Lifting Services

For those seeking full, luscious eyelashes without the use of extension, we have a solution for you! Our lash lifts help produce the illusion of longer, darker, fuller lashes by refining and enhancing your lashes from the base up.

Brow Lamination

This procedure involves both straightening and lifting the hairs using a solution that enables the hairs to have more flexibility. We can then move them into the desired shape, covering any gaps or areas that may be thin. Once completed, a solution is applied to keep these hairs straight. At this time we can also tint them if desired by the client.

The end result produces fuller appearing brows that stay in place! Results from lamination typically last around 6 weeks.

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