InMode AccuTite Skin Tightening Treatment

InMode AccuTite Treatments

For patients that seeking precision fat reduction or skin contraction of the face and body, InMode’s AccuTite radiofrequency contraction device is a remarkable skin tightening treatment that produces remarkable results. Get the contouring you've always wanted without the need for invasive surgeries at Concierge Cosmetics & Aesthetics!

Treatment Information

What Does AccuTite Treat?

This amazing treatment enhances the youthful appearance of the patients face and body. Achieve amazing facial contouring, skin remodeling, and even body sculpting results without invasive surgeries in our office!

For facial treatments, AccuTite helps to lift and tighten sagging brows, rejuvenate the eyelids, correct nasolabial folds and laugh lines, reduce marionette lines, and tighten the skin on the neck.

For treatments around the body, AccuTite will reduce armpit fat, contour the upper arms, reduce wrinkles on the hands, tighten skin around the abdominal area, and contour the inner thighs and skin around the knees.

How Does Treatment Work?

Through the use of the handpiece, the AccuTite device delivers controlled heat through radiofrequency assisted lipolysis to targeted areas of the face and body. A small incision is created, and a tiny probe is inserted to then collect the liquefied fat cells that are generated subsequently from treatment. This in turn also stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.

The treated areas in-turn become slimmer with fat cells eliminated. As collagen begins to form, the skin will firm up and continue to rejuvenate in the weeks and months following treatment.

Is There Any Downtime?

Downtime is minimal, with patients reporting swelling and redness. Most patients return to their normal activities within 2-3 days.

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