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InMode AVIVA Non-surgical Labiaplasty Treatments

InMode AVIVA Minimally Invasive Remodeling

AVIVA treatments from InMode are a non-excisional alternative to labiaplasty procedures for Women. These non-surgical labiaplasty treatments can shrink prominent labia by about 30%. This revolutionary treatment allows us to offer our patients an efficient and gentle means to decrease labia size without surgery.

Treatment Information

How Does The AVIVA Treatment Work?

Following a consultation, patients will visit our office for treatment. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area prior to treatment beginning. We will then use the AVIVA handpiece to deliver radiofrequency energy beneath the skin, which builds collagen and tightens the loose labial skin. In turn, the labia shrinks substantially in the months following treatment.

With AVIVA, patients experience the following:

  • Tightening of the external vaginal opening
  • Improved sexual enjoyment and function
  • Improved urinary control

Is There Any Downtime?

Unlike traditional labiaplasty procedures, there are no stiches and very minimal downtime. We advise patients to plan for 2-3 days off of work following the procedure, and to also avoid any strenuous activity. Additionally, plan to avoid baths, intercourse, or tampons for a week following the procedure.

When Will I See Results?

Following the AVIVA procedure, most patients see a significant improvement in skin firmness within 3 months, with most seeing full results 6 months post treatment.

Interested In InMode AVIVA Treatments?

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